About Us

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Our mission at Yee's Southern Lions is to provide the community with high-quality traditional martial arts. We hope to cultivate the mind, body, and spirit through training, teamwork, and friendship. We strive to not only be members of a school but become a family in a positive environment. Our family will always be there for each other and for the school. In our training, we emphasize obedience, discipline, and respect, hoping that these traits become a part of our daily lives. It is our goal that the academy, and all it has to offer, improves the community and lives of the students.


Our school was started by a few kung fu brothers who wanted to continue to preserve and continue the tradition and culture that was passed down to us. The goal was to start a school that would be self-sustaining, and that would leave a legacy for generations to come.

We were previously known as Hung Gar Kung Fu and Lion Dance Academy, but after sometime we decided to rebrand the school.

Our hope is to serve and grow our community, students, and kung fu family. We are proud of what we have grown so far and are looking to grow even more as time goes on.

Traditional Hung Gar Kung Fu is the main style of martial arts taught at the school. We also train in the use of all kinds of techniques that span the northern and southern systems, as well as both internal and external styles. Our practice of kung fu is the result of centuries of expert masters who have roots stemming from the ancient schools of China. Through their dedication to finding the fullest potential of Hung Gar, these individuals laid out the foundation. We want to share the teachings with all of you and continue to pass down the knowledge through the generations.

We wish to see children, teens, and adults grow mentally, physically and develop a strong moral character through all the classes we offer.

Kung Fu means "excellence achieved through hard work", and we want everyone at our school to achieve excellence in all aspects.