Outreach Program

Yee’s Southern Lions: Outreach Program
Initial Savings of $140! 

$20/Month Less than $1 a day!

Goal: Our goal for this program is to increase access by overcoming barriers to experiencing and attending kung fu/lion dance classes. We hope by giving students to opportunity to experience kung fu/lion dance for an extremely low cost it will in turn: preserve the art and culture, and grow the love and passion to continue for generations. By coming to class, helping at performances, and participating as a member of the school you help our school grow and become more sustainable so that we preserve the traditional culture and art for years to come. 


Who Qualifies:

Any full time student in Quincy, MA or nearby in middle school, high school, or college who needs financial assistance that wants to do lion dance or kung fu.

Prepare for your first class:



This program is heavily discounted from monthly fee from $80 to $20 and NO ENROLLMENT FEE. Initial savings of $140!

Additional assistance is available, please contact us if needed.

How to enroll or get more info?